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Social Media Marketing
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Want to showcase your business as the first thing to the people when they woke up? Well, that is social media marketing for you. 

Quick Fact: 85% of users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up.

The Opportunity is immense with the right team and tools; your projects could do wonders in the market. Social media Marketing can promote a product, service, brand, or skill online to get desired results. We can use multiple social media platforms for social media marketing. We have categorized them as per their relevance with examples for easy reference.

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Social Channels


Blogging & Creative writing Channels


Audio-Visual Platforms


Shopping Platforms


Review Channels


Niche based Channels


Discussion Platforms


Bookmarking Platforms

Social Media Marketing is a more extensive-term. It requires a well-researched strategy with quantifiable goals. Let us now discuss the five pillars of Social Media Marketing:


Planning & Strategy

Every Good thing Starts with a plan!

* Each business in the market is unique. The industry could be the same but scale, USPs, goals, and results are different. Therefore Strategy devised is customized for each business as we believe other objectives should have different solutions. 


* The first step starts with knowing the business and the objectives of social media management. A complete action plan is created considering the current and future goals. Also, budgeting comes at this stage. Our team's job is to take the client's input regarding the budget and suggest the best viable options.

* There are many social media platforms, as discussed before. Social media management is not restricted to one platform or uses all the media simultaneously. The strategy is devised considering factors such as business niche, the scale of the business, target audience, project timelines, budget allocation, to name a few. Here comes the role to Digital buddy to curate the right strategy fully customized as per your requirements.


Posting & Publishing

Once the plan of action is devised, next comes the implementation part. Social Media pages and profiles are created for the business inputting all the requisite business information. Then, the content is made in posts, blogs, reels, videos, and other mediums. They are posted on the social media pages as per the road map discussed. The schedule, number of posts, and relevant content & context play a vital role in the success of social media marketing strategy.

Engagement & Interactions

If your posts are excellent and your target audience gets connected, then get ready for likes, comments, shares, and loads of interactions with your audience. This is the ultimate goal of any social media management. The targets could be Sales maximization, customer acquisition, or brand awareness. The more engagement you get, the happier we feel!


Advertisements & Promotions

There are no free lunches!

Today the penetration of Social media is too much in our lives. Each company and its agency are trying to get your attention. The user is exploring everything for free on social media networks. However, you need to spend more on advertising and promotions to gauge their attention as a business. Only spending bundles of money will not get you all the attention. Creating Ads is also an art that comes with an experience. Also, when trends are changing so fast around us, social media networks frequently change their algorithms. Here comes digitalbuddy365.com to get the most ROI with each buck spent.

Audit & Analysis

As discussed earlier, every business is unique so are the steps for success. Once the Ads are run on the platforms, they are evaluated and analyzed to see which Ads performed best in terms of ROI and engagement. The best-performing Ads are replicated, and new Ads replace lower-performing Ads. This is an ongoing process and requires continuous Audit in our social media management. Online Reputation Management or ORM is also considered right after posting starts on Social Media platforms.


DigitalBuddy365.com works very closely with the brands to get the operational goals achieved in the shortest time possible.

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