Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics gauges the current sales trends and results for the brand/products. It involves generating insights from the existing data tools and forecasting future sales trends.

Sales Analytics uses various tools. Broadly Sales Analytics can be categorized into four main functions:

a) Descriptive: This first step involves summarizing all the current data and observations which form the basis of future analytics.


b) Diagnostic: In this step, an examination or interpretation of data is made, and the main pain points or issues are summarized.


c) Predictive: With the help of past data, trends and patterns are identified to make predictions and forecasts for future goals to be achieved.


d) Prescriptive: This is the final stage of Sales Analytics where the future course of action is devised considering all the factors discussed above.

With the data available, it is the job of the team to devise a strategy for future courses of action. Digital Buddy helps you understand these existing trends and patterns, and with the help of advanced tools and Artificial Intelligence, strategies are devised for ultimate sales maximization.

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