Global Marketing

Are you looking to make your footprints in Global Market?


Do you know Indian made products have a vast market overseas?


Want to capitalize on the immense opportunities by selling your Product/Services/Skills online?


We can get your brand on the world map with our experienced and specially designed services catered for your business. 


Right from Company Registrations in overseas countries to product registrations in specific countries as per their rules, regulations and exemptions. We make sure the selling starts as soon as possible with our partners worldwide.


Digital Buddy also deals in listing products and services on E-commerce platforms worldwide. Just listing products don't get you sales with our customized solutions for your products and services. We ensure your brand gets the correct exposure to make it a hit overseas. 

Contact us & Provide your details to get a 1:1 free consultation on how you can get your business up and running overseas in a brief period.