Who is Digital Buddy ?

Digital Buddy is your colleague, your partner, your answers to the questions relating to digital marketing. We are in the digital space of marketing your goods and services. No matter what your requirements are we are ready to support you. Be it a new venture or taking existing products/services online.

What services does Digital Buddy offer?

We at Digital Buddy take pride in offering divergent services for various domains and platforms; It starts from logo and branding services; end to end packaging of your products; onboarding, and listing services; website creation and SEO services; Digital marketing to name a few. 

Do you only wok with Startups & New Companies or can you help Older more established Business as well?

Being a startup ourselves, we can very well relate to the struggles and nuances a start-up faces initially to onboard the new business. However, the experience and in-depth knowledge older businesses bring to the table is such an enriching experience. Therefore, we are open to any business as long as they are willing to move the extra mile to achieve cumulative business goals.

What is the Digital Buddy Client Onboarding Process?

We understand that digital marketing covers a wide domain of services that your business can use. In order to understand your requirement and to be on the same black page where we would like your success story, we follow a simple questionnaire to gauge your engagement with the business. The sooner you fill and send it back, the quicker would be your onboarding process.

PS: We are a good listener.


Do you have any other Questions regarding your Growth Problems?