Product photography and Mockups
are a better way to 
introduce your
to your Customer.

Photography   & Mock-ups

A Product mockup is the prototype of your final product. A mockup is first created to test the market and get feedback and suggestions from the stakeholders and final users of the product.

Before any product is mass-produced or offered to a large audience, it is tested as a prototype or model to gauge the customer's adaptation and acceptability of the product.

There are various types of Product Mockups as per the industry. Significant types of product mockups are discussed below:


Product & Packaging Prototype

Any product before it is launched is created in its physical representation to check the functionality of the product. The packaging is also crucial as it gives the first impressions of the product.

We all know first impressions are significant. Right?

Packaging can be done keeping in mind various factors such as handling of product, sustainability, durability, brand imaging, environment friendly etc. Before getting the final product and its stunning packaging, multiple combinations are suggestions considered.

Digital Mockups

Digital Mockups are primarily used for digital products like websites, social media pages, software. However, digital mockups can be used for physical products when the cost of the prototype is high or the stakeholders are online available online.

Apparel Mockups.jpg

Apparel Mockups

Every variation of a piece of apparel is challenging to manufacture before testing the market. With Apparel mockups, we can quickly create product previews. Apparel mockups covered a wide range of products such as clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, pillows etc. the content is endless.


We at Digital Buddy extensively deals in all types of product mock-ups, be it apparel and technology mockups to the outer packaging, inner soft packaging, logos, cartons, and digital mockup designs.

Image Mockups

Image mockups could be for still images like t-shirt printing designs to moving images mockups like websites or App interfaces. Before final productions start, an image prototype helps to take decisions by stakeholders and end-users.

Image Mockup.jpg

Photography Services

Digital Buddy also undertakes photography services. Be it product shoots, Model shoots, food photography, stills photography and any other photoshoots our clients require.


With professional photographers and equipment, we make sure that we convey visually appealing and stunning stories in our presence.


 Raw images are captured through various mediums such as DSLRs, camera phones, drone shoots, bridge cameras etc. These natural images are then processed digitally. These raw images are then cropped, reshaped, colored, background changed or removed and enhanced as per the final output required. 


We also undertake family and portrait photography as per client requirements.


Digital Buddy offers Product Mockups and Photography services onsite as well as in the in-house studio


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